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Though some government agencies would like to ban cryptocurrencies completely, the fact is that they will continue to flourish, since current banking systems are not very efficient for payment of small amounts of money.
Most of the popular payment processors like Paypal are not available in a majority of African, South american countries and even in East Europe, Russia,
One of the better ways to understand and remain update with the latest news on cryptocurrencies is by reading articles.
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Free filing of income tax returns for Financial year 2021-22

Salaried citizens, small business owners with annual revenues of less than Rs 10 lakh, pensioners, senior citizens can file their income tax returns(ITR) free if they are willing to share their financial information to the tax filer
For this they will have to provide details of their income, any savings which make them eligible for deduction, business details including business expenses
If tax is payable, the amount calculated on the income tax website will be reviewed to check if it can be reduced using the deductions which are allowed.
For a free review to check whether tax liability can be reduced or if it is possible to get a refund, please send bank statement and other financial information by email to or

Experienced income tax-filer has filed income tax returns for more than 40 citizens from 4 states in India since 2015 as a social service. For free filing of income tax returns for senior citizens, single women, pensioners, salaried persons and others who cannot find or cannot afford a reliable CA or tax consultant and free advice
on how to reduce tax liability, please contact on email at the earliest.
Free printout of the income tax returns is offered for senior citizens, single older women who provide their mailing address.

Financial rights, resources, agencies,help

A look at the financial resources, available, agencies to protect the financial rights of a harmless citizen, what help is available if government officials will steal the retirement savings of a harmless single woman engineer without a court order or legally valid reason in an attempt to commit a financial fraud on the engineer.
A huge amount of tax payer money has been wasted by these powerful officials, who can remain anonymous, to cause financial losses to the harmless single woman to blackmail her to force her to agree to financial fraud and resume theft
Any help to retrieve the stolen financial documents from the officials  for the impersonation, financial fraud will be appreciated.