FRAUD RAW,cbi, ntro, security agency officials BRIBED to promote indore housewife veena

The mediocre indore housewife veena does not use the internet regularly, does not own domain names, or a Paypal account, yet she is getting a R&AW salary, falsely claiming that she owns the domain names and associated Paypal account of her relative, a harmless single woman obc engineer.
It is becoming obvious that some extremely powerful R&AW,cbi,ntro, security agency officials have been BRIBED to manipulate the system, and abuse their powers to make complete fake claims that the indore housewife owns this domain name, other domain names and the associated paypal account.
It would be interesting to find out how much money these officials have received in the form of bribes to defame the real domain investor, paypal account holder, a single woman and to waste indian tax payer money promoting and paying a salary to the mediocre indore housewife veena who is only looking after her house, and family

Anyone with experience or information on the bribery racket in ntro, raw, cbi please provide details.