SEX trading indian government employees make FAKE black money allegations

One of the greatest perks of being an indian government employee, especially in indian intelligence and security agencies is that they are officially allowed to TRADE SEX FOR MONEY, POWER. Incompetent corrupt dishonest CBI, NTRO and other officials are abusing their discretionary powers to make FAKE black money allegations against harmless innocent indian citizens , so that they can enjoy free sex, and make their girlfriends,relatives, themselves very rich and powerful.
After 6 years, these cbi, ntro officials have not found any kind of legally valid proof of black money, yet they continue to abuse their powers, and make fake black money allegations so that they can get great powers, R&AW jobs for their goan SEX partners, R&AW employees goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi, slim goan obc bhandari fraud sunaina chodnekar
If these officials did not abuse their discretionary powers to make FAKE black money allegations against a harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor, they would not be able to harass the domain investor and falsely claim that their goan SEX PARTNERS siddhi, sunaina, mediocre lazy frauds, had the impressive resume, investment of the single woman obc engineer
If sex trading was not allowed by the indian government like the chinese government which has taken action against wang baoan, these officials would have to get their sex partners jobs with their own mediocre resumes, investment