Slandering harassing hardworking, skilled citizens, leads to IIP contraction, Fall in INR value

The media reported that IIP had contracted , Indian rupee had crashed mainly due to financial mismanagement of government officials, persecution of hardworking people
Government policy of rewarding and pampering lazy liars is obvious to even visitors to india
One of the reasons why there is a decrease in exports, and the indian rupee is crashing to an all time low against the US $ is because of the flawed government policy of pampering and rewarding lazy liars, paying them monthly government salaries for their endless frauds while hardworking people are slandered, cheated and exploited, demotivating them. This difference is obvious to even a visitor to india ,
This is reddit comment, which the domain investor is reposting

Speaking from experience: many are simply too lazy to work. I was in india for months and in some communities they literally ask girls: are you married or are you working?????????? this will earn me some downvotes but have never seen a society so divided: half works so hard and half is lazier than a stone lying on the road

Laziness, no work ethic, no perseverance, arrogance, scammers, corruption

This observation clearly confirms that the domain investors complaints that the government is pampering, rewarding lazy liars, especially married women,call girls, scammers cheating, exploiting, hardworking skilled professionals while hardworking citizens like the domain investor are cheated, exploited. The government refuses to admit that many of economic problems are because of its policy of rewarding lazy liars, frauds.
From the reddit posts, toyboy51 appears to be a diplomat, or intelligence employee of some country. The government continues its financial fraud, government SLAVERY of falsely claiming that its lazy greedy fraud employees who do not invest money in domains, own this and other domains, bank account of the domain investor to pay them monthly government salaries wasting indian taxpayer money, while the real domain investor is slandered, cheated and exploited in the worst manner