CBI’s financial fraud promoting goan obc SEX bribe giver sunaina

CBI, NTRO, R&AW allegedly bribed by google, tata are falsely claiming that the lazy greedy GOAN OBC SEX bribe giver slim bsc sunaina is a domain investor (owning domain names where her SEXPLOITS and SEX BRIBE NEWS are published) and paypal account holder to justify the lucrative R&AW job which the inexperienced mediocre lazy greedy GOAN OBC SEX BRIBE GIVER, with no investment, bsc sunaina has been given.
In reality the CBI officials in goa are involved in a major FINANCIAL FRAUD making fake claims about the goan obc SEX bribe giver sunaina as their darling slut sunaina does not spend any money on the domain names, or control the paypal account of the real obc domain investor, Paypal account holder, a obc single woman engineer.
While the lazy greedy goan obc slut sunaina may be offering SEX bribes to top tata, google, cbi, ntro, r&AW officials the transaction is entirely between sunaina and the top officials she is sleeping with.

There is no connection at all between the real obc domain investor, a middle aged single woman engineer, and the cbi sponsored goan slut sunaina who is getting a lucrative R&AW salary for falsely claiming to own the domain names including this one. Any help to end the financial fraud of CBI, NTRO, R&AW will be appreciated.

R&AW,CBI, NTRO involved in major financial fraud on Paypal account holder

Though R&AW,CBI, NTRO officials are extremely powerful, they are involved in a major financial fraud on a single woman obc engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder. These powerful officials are falsely claiming that 8-9 lazy greedy fraud women, their friends and relatives own the domain names and Paypal account of the obc single woman engineer to allegedly get them lucrative R&AW jobs, though these women do not spend any money on the domain names, other expenses, do any work online or control the Paypal account which they falsely claim to own.

These shameless lazy greedy cheater women do not want to take the risk of investing their money or doing any work online, yet rely on the powerful shameless dishonest R&AW,CBI, NTRO officials, their friends and relatives to make completely fake claims to dupe companies in India and abroad. The lies of these shameless R&AW,CBI, NTRO officials can be easily proved by verifying the Pan number linked to the Paypal account, yet the R&AW,CBI, NTRO officials lack patriotism, personal and professional integrity to do the morally right thing.

It is not easy to make money online as there is a lot of competition, however it is easy for the shameless liar R&AW,CBI, NTRO, tata, google, officials to abuse their great powers and falsely claim that their friends and relatives own the domain names, Paypal account of the obc single woman engineer.

When the fraud goan sex bribe givers, housewives and cheaters are not paying any expenses or doing any work online at all, on what legal basis are the shameless fraud liar tata, google, R&AW,CBI, NTRO officials making fake claims that these women own the domain names including llll.com , lll.in , websites and paypal account. When these frauds are doing housework, enjoying themselves or working in a job elsewhere,getting a salary, why connect these frauds to the obc single woman domain investor, Paypal account holder.

Anyone including these R&AW,CBI, NTRO officials can boast tomorrow that they or their girlfriends, relatives own the most expensive domain names like cars.com, homes.com, food.com, will any domain investor and the indian government believe these lies. No domain investor will believe these lies as they will do a whois check, however it appears that the indian government will blindly believe the lies of the NTRO officials and waste indiantax payer on the well connected domain fraudsters paying them a salary and pension for the rest of their lives.

Will the great Paypal fraud in Goa, Bengaluru and elsewhere end in 2016?

Investing in government securities

The returns from shares and mutual funds can vary to a great extent depending on microeconomic and macroeconomic factors, so investors looking for a guaranteed return on their investment will often prefer to invest their money in securities and bonds. Though the securities will mature after years, there is an option which allows the investor to trade securities in case they need funds quickly.

Fake allegations force obc engineer to purchase insurance

The powerful officials in indian intelligence and security agencies have an extremely cunning and dishonest way to ensure that brilliant obc professionals and business owners remain poor. If a honest hardworking obc engineer will lead a frugal life to save some money for her old age or financial emergency, they will label the person as a security threat without any proof at all, and steal the retirement savings without a court order or legally valid reason.

Despite contacting the ministry of finance it is impossible for the obc engineer to find out the officials who are stealing and keeping her hard earned money. Any additional money which will be saved in Fixed deposits or mutual funds or other liquid options will also be under threat due to the malicious false allegations without any proof.

So though the returns from insurance are far lower than most other investment options, the security and intelligence agencies are willing to accept this as the only viable option for saving money for a persons old age, which will not be a security threat. More information on insurance investment for you.

Goan slut sex bribe giver sunaina,gsb fraud housewife riddhi in Mutual fund fraud

why are goan sex briber giver bsc sunaina, gsb fraud housewife riddhi promoted as a mutual fund investor
In one of the greatest SEX, CHEATING SCAMs in indian intelligence agencies, the lazy greedy goan bsc slut obc bhandari slim sunaina the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud housewife lead thief riddhi are being promoted by powerful fraud shameless CBI, R&AW, NTRO and other intelligence agency officials as mutual fund investors to give these lazy cheaters great powers. Allegedly tata, google and other fraud companies have bribed these shameless fraud intelligence agency officials to abuse their powers to spread false rumors and waste indian tax payer money on these lazy greedy goan frauds

The lazy greedy goan GSB fraud extortionist housewife riddhi married to a fraud intelligence agency official on the payroll roll of tata, google has no professional experience , no job or income, savings where did the lazy greedy goan fraud riddhi get her money to invest in mutual funds. Similarly the goan obc slut bsc sunaina has no professional experience , no job or income, savings where did the lazy greedy goan obc slut bsc sunaina offering sex bribes to top officials get her money to invest in mutual funds.

why are the shameless fraud tata,google, goan intelligence agency officials falsely claiming that these lazy greedy inexperienced shameless goan frauds riddhi siddhi sunaina faking their resume are mutual fund investors, to justify the wastage of indian tax payer money on these mediocre lazy frauds, paying them inflated salaries for their fake resumes

Why are these shameless fraud cowardly intelligence and security agency officials, especially in goa so vicious in defaming the brilliant obc bhandari engineer who has actually worked to earn money to invest and are diverting her correspondence to the lazy greedy goan frauds riddhi siddhi sunaina and shivalli brahmin cheater housewife BBM nayanshree hathwar

Officials falsely claiming shivalli BRAHMIN FRAUDSTER nayanshree is a Paypal account holder

Powerful ntro, cbi, R&AW, tata, google,security agency officials are acting like SECTION 420 FRAUDS when they falsely claim that the lazy greedy bengaluru shivalli brahmin housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar is a Paypal account holder, domain investor to justify the great powers, R&AW job that she has been given, falsely claiming that the section 420 cheater shivalli brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar has the impressive resume of the obc engineer she looted.

The ntro, cbi, R&AW, tata, google,security agency officials should should be HONEST and admit that the mediocre semiliterate BRAHMIN cheater nayanshree has no skills, knowledge or work ethic to earn any money from foreign customers and does not control the Paypal account which her powerful fraud friends and relatives hathwar,kodancha falsely claims she owns. The shameless fraud google,tata officials want to deny the OBC paypal account holder a fair deal, the opportunities she deserved, so they are acting like SHAMELESS LIARS and spreading false rumors that the mediocre nayanshree owns the Paypal account

However a fraud NTRO official Puneet, infatuated with the mediocre BRAHMIN CHEATER nayanshree hathwar falsely claims that she has the impressive resume of the obc engineer she cheated, to get the fraud nayanshree a lucrative R&AW job at the expense of his brilliant BTECH 1993 ee classmate who he hated. Now the fraud puneet refuses to admit his mistake in giving fake references.

Most of the Paypal revenue is linked to the domain names.It can be easily proved that the brahmin cheater nayanshree does not own the domain names, as the news of her fraud on the obc engineer is published on the websites which she and her powerful, friends, relatives falsely claim that she owns.

However being shameless greedy casteist liars, ntro, cbi, R&AW, tata, google,security agency officials continue to falsely claim that the brahmin cheater nayanshree is a Paypal account holder, to justify the great powers the mediocre brahmin cheater nayanshree has been given, though she does no work or spend money online and is spending most of time looking after her house

Powerful fraud official promised to make goan obc sex bribe giver sunaina rich overnight

Fraud official promoting goan obc sex bribe giver sunaina remains hidden
Most of the problems faced by a brilliant obc engineer in goa due to the impersonation fraud on her by the inexperienced lazy greedy mediocre goan obc bhandari sex bribe giver bsc sunaina are due to the fact that an extremely powerful official promised to make the lazy greedy bsc sunaina, very rich and powerful overnight if she agreed to be an accomplice in his evil plan,.
This powerful official had decided that he would put the obc engineer under surveillance and then falsely claim that all the work would be done by the lazy greedy bsc sunaina and give the extremely lazy goan obc sunaina, great powers and a lucrative job allegedly in R&AW. By the time, the obc engineer would be aware of the fraud, too many people and companies would have been misled.Now the obc engineer has to warn people on every website that goan obc bhandari SEX bribe giver bsc sunaina, R&AW employee, does not own the domain names, because bsc sunaina and her powerful lovers are SHAMELESS LIARS

The obc engineer was extremely unfortunate that a powerful fraud official in NTRo, R&AW, CBI, google, tata decided to behave like a section 420 fraud and spread false rumors that the lazy greedy goan OBC SEX BRIBE GIVER bsc sunaina was associated with her business and doing all the work, when actually the fraud sunaina was not doing any work at all. Most business owners and domain investors do not find powerful FRAUD NTRO, R&AW, CBI OFFICIALS falsely claim that sex bribe givers, housewives and other cheaters own their domain names. It appears that these officials are bribed to do so.

Why did the official promise to make the lazy greedy goan obc fraud sunaina rich and powerful overnight, stealing the hard earned money of the brilliant obc engineer? Why does the lazy fraud sunaina not to want to work hard and earn her own money like millions of indian citizens, instead of being an accomplice in an elaborate fraud of powerful officials to steal their obc classmates hard earned money