Futures and options trading is not very profitable

Despite paying a large amount for a course some traders are making losses

Harshil Mehta (from quora posted since it may get deleted)
Answered 7 months ago

I am a student from M12 batch.

Here is my review on her after completing almost 8 months of session:

No back testing results for her strategies will be provided. They themselves know that their strategy will not work.
Even if some of her strategy works you will not get more than 15% annual return.
No genuine support is provided during course. Even if you request they don’t bother to answer your queries. They will answer all your queries till you pay entire fees.
In Mpat 12 there are 35 students who enrolled. None of us are in profit.
In last session host muted all participants when tough questions were asked.
When asked about her strategies performance from the time we enrolled for course she muted everyone.
Before enrolling course they had promised for backrest results for at-least 5 years for all of her staregies but unfortunately not a single result is shared till date.
When we started course Banknifty was around 22,000 and today it is 38000. However from her banknifty strategy I am in loss of more than 4 lakhs.
Trust me your entire capital will be wiped out.

My take is do not give away your hard earned money here there are better places to learn.

Ps: You can personally msg me if you need any further clarifications