Indian government refuses to correct, update domain ownership records since 2010, causing great financial losses to domain investor

The indian government is having accurate records of all other investors in SHARES, PROPERTY, BANK, COMPANY DEPOSITS and other investments, records are updated within 48 hours yet showing how the indian tech and internet sector are openly involved in massive FINANCIAL FRAUD on domain investors the government is making fake claims about the domains, bank account of a private citizen, and falsely claiming that the domains belong to greedy government employees who HATE the domain investor, have never helped her in any way at all since 2010, and refuses to correct its records even 12 years later in 2022, though the real domain investor is complaining
Additionally to cover up its massive FINANCIAL FRAUD of falsely claiming that its LIAR FRAUD employees who do not spend any money on domains, own the domains of a private citizen, the real domain investor is being SLANDERING, TORTURED and denied her fundamental rights since 2010 while the greedy tech and internet companies are extremely aggressive in DUPING countries, companies and people worldwide with fake stories of domain ownership
Worldwide the real domain investors are always paying and purchasing the domains, Elon musk purchased from paypal paying the price it wanted, Though the indian and state government is aware that their well paid employees getting a dearness allowance, pension , do not pay for the domains, cannot provide any proof , the government agencies continue their massive financial fraud on small business owners making a loss, FALSELY CLAIMING to own domains of private citizens and blocking all domain sales.
this posted as a fraud alert so that countries, companies and people worldwide are aware of the massive financial fraud in the indian internet sector, with top companies, government employees pathological LIARS, making up fake stories of domain ownership, online income, to get the rich and powerful government jobs faking domain ownership, online income