Problems faced by wealthy individuals

The indian internet sector should be avoided by honest hardworking people to the extent possible, because the top officials in the indian internet sector are some of the greatest frauds in the world. These officials are also the most shameless liars and cheaters, with zero self respect, making completely fake allegations without any proof at all against harmless innocent hardworking individuals, especially domain investors and Paypal account holders.
The security and intelligence agencies will also steal the retirement savings of domain investors without a court order or legally valid reason and then cunningly, falsely claim that the stolen money belongs to their lazy greedy inexperienced cheater friends and relatives, to get all these frauds government jobs with fake resumes, investment. More details of the problems faced by wealthy individuals at Money Galore, the endless financial frauds of indian intelligence and security agencies.

Exposing the investment fraud of goan obc bhandari sex queen government employee sunaina

Powerful ntro, raw, cbi, tata, google and other officials like to falsely claim that the lazy greedy mediocre slim goan obc bhandari sex bribe queen bsc sunaina who completed her degree from goa in 2013 is a domain, mutual fund investor, to justify the great powers and R&AW job that she is getting.

It is well known that lazy greedy goan sex partner of top google, tata, government officials, sunaina has almost no work experience, savings, and has never invested a single rupee in domain names or mutual funds in her life. It can be also proved that the goan slut sunaina does not control the domain names or the paypal account which she falsely claims to own. These facts can be easily proved legally by the real domain investor .

Then on what basis are the powerful ntro and other fraud government officials led by the shameless liar j srinivasan, falsely claiming that their goan obc bhandari sex partner sunaina owns the assets of another women, the btech 1993 EE classmate of ntro official j srinivasan, these government, google, tata officials hate. Why does sleeping with powerful men, automatically make a lazy inexperienced woman like sunaina, an investor overnight when she is not legally connected to the investment in any way,

Why are female domain and other investors in India sexually harassed for years by governent officials who falsely claim that their lazy greedy fraud friends and relatives like obc slut sunaina, brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar are paypal account holders when these frauds do not control the paypal account at all.