Abhishek G. negative review of google, tata’s favorite domain fraudster R&AW employee amita patel MPAT, options trading collapsed on quora

The domain investor is closely monitoring google, tata’s favorite domain fraudster R&AW employee amita patel, since the domain investor is losing Rs 15 lakh annually, because R&AW, indian government is falsely claiming that amita patel who does not spend any money on domains, owns this and other domains, to pay amita patel a monthly R&AW salary at the expense of the real domain investor.

The domain investor has been CHEATED, EXPLOITED since 2010, after making fake allegations of cheating, though amita patel and other robber R&AW employees are openly involved in far great frauds, yet face no problems. In contrast there are many complaining about R&AW employee amita patel like Abishek G, the extremely wealthy amita patel is getting all the answers collapsed on quora.

So to help people get correct information the honest review of the options trading is republished for reference since most people will not view the answer after it has been collapsed . Abhishek G’s honest review

I joined options course 4MONTHS AGO
His marketing is as good as bad his strategies are.
I learned almost 10 strategies from her by showing picture perfect trades from her but still struggling to find out how to make profit from her strategies. There are so many if and buts for applying his strategy but no guidance for it. i back tested her MPAT level 2 strategy out of 25 trades only 3 to 4 trades are winning trades.
She taught us strategies but not how to use it to maximize the profit. she taught us basic of other tools and told us to use those tools to get maximum benefit of those strategies.
As part of her program we got recommendation of some trades. out of 10 more than 5 trades were going wrong.
Support sessions were totally worthless.
you will get to know so many new things and knowledge from his course but will not get guidance how to use it properly.
So much overvalued course.
Should not do in such huge price.

i made loss hope so you all don’t

The domain investor has also made a loss like Abhishek, so is sharing the information as a social service.