Financial fraud on single woman engineer, domain investor

Though Cbi is often assigned the task of investigating frauds in India, few are aware of the fact that cbi, r&Aw, Ntro officials had planned a very elaborate financial fraud on a harmless single woman engineer to steal her hard earned money, to make the mediocre lazy greedy friends and relatives of powerful officials rich and powerful overnight. These officials made completely false allegations without any proof at all to defame the harmless engineer, and then stole her retirement savings without a court order or legally valid reason.
They then wasted a large amount of indian tax payer money to cause financial losses, blocking payment, closing the account, hoping that the engineer would come begging to them , and agree to an unfair identity theft arrangement. In the meanwhile these officials were using the stolen financial documents to falsely claim that their mediocre friends and relatives had the impressive resume of the brilliant engineer.
These officials falsely claim to be very concerned about honesty, yet what right do they have to steal and keep the retirement savings of a harmless single woman without a court order. Why do these officials think that the single woman engineer does not have the right to her hard earned money which she worked so hard for? Just because these officials are making false allegations without proof, why should the engineer accept their complete lies.

After 5 years these incompetent powerful officials have found no proof, yet they continue to think that their financial fraud will succeed.

Goa’s domain fraudsters gsb frauds riddhi siddhi, obc slut sunaina

Internet users throughout the world should be aware of the extremely well connected indian domain fraudsters,lazy greedy goan gsb frauds riddhi, fraud diploma holder slut siddhi mandrekar, obc slut slim bsc sunaina who offers SEX BRIBES to these shameless top officials, shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, veena, ruchika, asmita patel and others who falsely claim to own, and premium .in domain names, to get lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW, when these mediocre lazy women do not spend a single paisa on domain renewals, registration.

However the dishonest top officials in the indian internet sector hate the real domain investor, a middle aged obc bhandari single woman engineer, have defamed and sexually harassed her for years, so they are making completely false claims about domain ownership so that they can continue to exploit the domain investor for the rest of her life.

Till the details of the goan and other domain fraudsters are published on every websites these lazy greedy frauds falsely claim to own, these shameless women and their powerful fraud friends and relatives will continue to greedily and dishonestly falsely claim that these frauds own the domain names, defame, exploit the real domain investor

Goa greedy lazy Paypal fraudsters riddhi siddhi sunaina

Internet users all over the world should be aware of the well connected lazy greedy goan paypal fraudsters gsb cheaters riddhi siddhi mandrekar, obc slut slim bsc sunaina who offers SEX BRIBES to these shameless top officials, shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, veena, ruchika, asmita patel, who the fraud top officials in the indian internet sector falsely claim to be Paypal account holders to get all these frauds lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW.
When these well connected goan fraud women are too lazy and mediocre to make even a single paisa from foreign customers using Paypal , why do shameless top officials falsely claim that these lazy greedy goan conwoman and cheaters are Paypal account holders .
Just because Google, Tata are allegedly bribing the shameless fraud top officials to promote the lazy goan frauds, why is the real Paypal account holder expected to tolerate the defamation.
these powerful shameless officials should stop their lies, else the news of their Paypal fraud will be published daily to alert potential victims , end their defamation of the Paypal account holder

Financial rights of women

In an indication of the poor status of women, some of the most powerful officials in India, bribed by large corporates, allegedly google, tata, think that an experienced woman engineer has no financial rights at all. These officials refuse to acknowledge the fact that the brilliant obc bhandari engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder has worked hard for her engineering degree, work experience, savings of twenty years.
These fraud officials think that just because they are making completely fake allegations against the innocent harmless engineer without proof, the lazy greedy goan sluts who sleep with them, siddhi mandrekar, obc bhandari slut slim bsc sunaina, mediocre gsb fraud housewife, lead thief riddhi, shivalli brahmin cheater houswife bbm nayanshree hathwar, housewife veena, blackmailer ruchika, stock broker asmita patel, automatically can falsely claim to own the online and offline assets of the experienced engineer and domain investor.

Most of these lazy greedy mediocre cheater women have no engineering knowledge, experience, do no work, have no income or savings to invest online or offline, yet the most powerful officials in India continue to think that they blackmail, torture, defame and harass a harmless single woman engineer to give up her savings for these lazy greedy frauds. These officials have also stolen financial documents of the experienced engineer so that they can blackmail her, in an indication of how they are denying the woman her financial rights.

Now all the fraud accomplices of these officials are rewarded withd lucrative jobs so that they can waste tax payer money to harass the single woman whose savings these officials have stolen without a court order. Why should a woman slog for most of her life to save some money for emergencies and old age, only to donate it to lazy greedy inexperienced frauds just because powerful incompetent officials have carelessly and greedily made false allegations against her ?
Can anyone in India justify the financial fraud

Warning about goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar, obc slut sunaina, brahmin cheater nayanshree and others

Due to the complete lack of ethics and personal integrity in indian intelligence agencies, the real domain is forced to warn all the visitors to the website, domain investors that goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar, slim obc bhandari slut bsc sunaina who offers top officials sex bribes , brahmin cheater nayanshree, veena, ruchika, asmita patel and others are not associated with the website in any way as these lazy greedy cheater fraud women do not spend any money on the expenses or do any work.

Like the sreya ukil case indicated sexual harassment is rampant in the indian tech sector, so powerful intelligence agency officials in CBI, R&AW, NTRO are sexually harassing, defaming the real obc bhandari single woman engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder, falsely claiming that their lazy greedy cheater friends and relatives own the domain names to get these friends great powers, allegedly a job in R&AW.
If these lazy greedy cheater women actually own the domain names why dont these frauds file a defamation case, which they will never do, because they are the real shameless frauds who want to get credit, great powers only for cheating and lies. The real middle aged domain investor being viciously defamed by powerful fraud officials wasting indian tax payer money is forced to exposed these shameless greedy frauds on all the websites so that people are not duped

Financial rights, resources, agencies,help

A look at the financial resources, available, agencies to protect the financial rights of a harmless citizen, what help is available if government officials will steal the retirement savings of a harmless single woman engineer without a court order or legally valid reason in an attempt to commit a financial fraud on the engineer.
A huge amount of tax payer money has been wasted by these powerful officials, who can remain anonymous, to cause financial losses to the harmless single woman to blackmail her to force her to agree to financial fraud and resume theft
Any help to retrieve the stolen financial documents from the officials  for the impersonation, financial fraud will be appreciated.