Lazy people cannot blame others for their lack of wealth

Powerful officials think that a single woman engineer, domain investor and Paypal account should give their lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced friends and relatives a stake in her business, because they are defaming, harassing her for more than 5 years,
These officials do not realize that they are being extremely selfish and greedy when they expect their lazy greedy girlfriends to get a stake in the business. The single woman engineer has worked very hard alone to build her business, why should she donate a part of her business to the friends and relatives of officials who have harassed her for years.

These friends and relatives of officials can easily start their own business if they are willing to work hard, take a little risk and invest money. With their powerful friends, these women will be far more successful if they work hard, than the single woman engineer, who powerful officials hate,

However they do not want to do any work at all, are extremely lazy and then they label the hard working domain investor, Paypal account holder, a security threat without proof, if she will make some money after working hard.