Financial fraud planned on obc engineer in 2010

A law enforcement official confirmed that the great financial fraud was planned on the harmless obc engineer by some very senior intelligence, security agency officials in 2010. These officials had planned to steal the savings of the obc engineer in 2010 after making completely fake accusations without any proof at all, to then harass, torture, exploit and cheat her.
They were extremely confident that their great fraud would never be discovered, they would be able to put so much pressure on her, that she would have a nervous breakdown or otherwise agree to their unfair or humiliating agreement.

However now after 6 years, it has become obvious that these fraud officials have no legally valid proof at all, so now the obc engineer is openly challenging these shameless fraud greedy officials to defend their allegations and tries to recover her hard earned money from these shameless fraud officials

Now the bank authorities also be careful because these fraud top intelligence and security agency officials will try to commit a fraud on them causing losses.