Corporates ensure indian tax payer money is wasted on housewives, SEX bribe givers, cheaters

Indian corporates allegedly google, tata are ruthless in ensuring that indian intelligence and security agencies hound, persecute honest hardworking indian domain investors and Paypal account holders making fake allegations of black money, tax evasion, security threat and other allegations.
However these same corporates are involved in wastage of a huge amount of tax payer money giving lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs to mediocre lazy greedy fraud housewives, sex bribe givers and other cheaters falsely claiming that they own domain name including this one, and the associated paypal account. When these lazy greedy women do not spend any money online or do any work online, why are they getting a salary for making fake claims
When these housewives, sex bribe givers, cheaters do not do any work at all online or spend any money online, why is indian tax payer money being wasted on them, just because ntro officials are making FAKE CLAIMS that these fraud women own domain names and websites, google, tata want to defame, exploit the real domain investor